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Java Warps is a full functioning online game that can be played accross the world. You can play against other users or the automated Warps Bots.

It is completely free and requires a user account to be setup.

Online Demo

The demo displays a game that was played with JavaWarps. It gives you Back, Forward, Play, and Pause control.

It is completely free and does not require a user account.

User Notes:
  1. Java Warps requires Java. If you get a small box with a red X in it when you visit these links, please go to to get the latest version of Java.

  2. Windows XP Users: It is found that service pack 1 is generally needed in order for Java to work. Get SP1 from and then go to Note 1.

  3. If you have any problems getting this to work, please make a post in our message board so that we can display answers for people having similar problems. Go to Message Board. All Rights Reserved © 2000-2004  Created by
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